How do I cancel my answering service account

How do I cancel my answering service account

We would hate to see you go but if you need to cancel service  you can quickly fill out the following cancellation form here

or email us at support at with your account name, forwarding number and reason for cancellation. 
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    • How do I get my phones to ring at the answering service?

      Ways to get your phones to us -  Please note all phone company features listed below are provided by the phone company and they may charge additional fees.  The Answering Service has no control over the activation or removal of call forwarding nor ...
    • Answering Service Call Forwarding Instructions - Standard

      Standard call forwarding codes To forward your phones to the answering service: Dial *72 + your call forwarding number. To unforward your phones: Dial *73 and hangup. Note: When forwarding phones you DO NOT have to wait for someone to pickup.  Once ...
    • Optional Service Addons

      Text Reply Receipt - $10 Patching $20 Personalized Greeting - $10 Greeting add on Voice mail $20
    • How do I add or edit the recorded greeting for my account?

      Simple, use any voice recorder like to record the greeting, then download and email the file to support at  Please be sure to include your account name and call forwarding number and just indicate ...
    • I received a phone call from 888-645-5534 what is this number?

      In addition to your call forwarding number you may receive calls from various numbers including 888-645-5534 which is the main number to the answering service.  We do ask however that anytime you need to reach us to please dial your telephone call ...