How do I get my phones to ring at the answering service?

How do I get my phones to ring at the answering service?

Ways to get your phones to us -  Please note all phone company features listed below are provided by the phone company and they may charge additional fees.  The Answering Service has no control over the activation or removal of call forwarding nor can they diagnose and fix issues related to call forwarding malfunctions. However, we would be glad to walk through any issues and offer our best guess to common issues with call forwarding including being involved in a conference call with the phone company.  

1.      Call Forwarding - Phone Company Company Feature allowing you to forward 100% of your phone calls to any telephone number.  You would then forward your phones to your Telephone Call Forwarding Number which is also your account number.  You will receive this in an email after your account is setup.
2.      If No Answer Call / Refer Your Telephone Call Forwarding Number - Instead of forwarding your phones you can give out your Telephone Call Forwarding Number to your patients or customers and then record a greeting on your current office voice mail system that plays a message referring your “Telephone Call Forwarding Number” and have your callers call us directly.  This significantly reduces your call volume as only emergency call will be fielded by the answering service.  *Please note your telephone call forwarding number can not be ported away from the answering service.  Keep this in mind before printing/publishing the number.
3.      Phone System Forward - Some office phone systems can be programmed to forward calls to an outside extension. Your IT person may be able to set this feature up.
4.      Call Forward Busy/No Answer - Phone Company feature    *Please let us know if you plan to use this option so we can add a greeting that will play instead of ringing to avoid the caller hearing rings at both your location and then again when transferred to us.
5.      Call Forward After 4 Rings - Phone Company Feature allowing you to setup your office phones to automatically forward calls to the answering service IF not answered by the 4th ring by your staff in your office.

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